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[Foto © D Nutting: Kirche in Berlin]

The Kaiser-Wilhelm-Gedächtniskirche (Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church) in Berlin (original church: 1895, new church: 1963)

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  3. (info at the city's official website)
  4. Top 10 Berlin Experiences: Berlin is now a "scene-stealing combo of glamour and grit, teeming with top museums and galleries, grand opera and guerrilla clubs, gourmet temples and ethnic snack shacks". (CNN / Lonely Planet, 2011)
  5. The Story of Berlin: A trip through 800 years of Berlin's history from its founding up to the present. Visitors are active participants via the use of multimedia.
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  8. The Love Parade: popular festival and parade that originated in 1989 in Berlin and has spread to other countries. (Wikipedia article in English)
  9. The Love Parade (message from the Love Parade organisers expalining why the Parade no longer takes place)
  10. The Reichstag (parliament building): Info in Wikipedia article in English, and Info from
  11. Siegessäule (Victory Column) - very large and high column in Tiergarten, a large park in the center of Berlin: (a) info @ … (b) info @
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  13. ISTAF Berlin - one of the most popular athletic festivals in the world

Berlin, Berlin, wir fahren nach Berlin (Ein Imagefilm von Berlin Tourismus Marketing GmbH)

Berlin du bist so wunderbar (Hommage an die Stadt, von einem Berliner)

Nina Hagen - "Berlin (ist dufte!)" - aus dem Album "Street", 1991 [Musik ohne Video]


  1. Berlin Clock Museum: presents 2000 years of clock-history
  2. Altes Museum: permanent exhibition "New Antiquity in the Altes Museum"; Greek and Roman art and sculptures; Egyptian section includes the famous beautiful Queen Nefertiti.
  3. The Anne Frank Center: German partner-organisation of the Anne Frank House in Amsterdam (Jewish German girl who wrote a famous diary while being hidden from the Nazis). Permanent exhibition and changing exhibitions.
  4. Anti-Kriegs-Museum (anti-war museum): Photographs and objects from WWI & from WWII, modern arms, air-raid shelter from WWII. Changing exhibitions.
  5. Deutsches Historisches Museum (German Historical Museum): Permanent exhibition "German History in Images and Testimonials". Has 8,000 square metres of exhibition space.
  6. Deutsches Technikmuseum: Museum of Technical Cultural History with Science Center Spectrum. Shows exhibitions on the history of communication, aviation and navigation.
  7. Filmmuseum Potsdam - permanent exhibition about the history of cinema in Germany: "Babelsberg - faces of a film city".
  8. Gedenkstätte Deutscher Widerstand (Memorial to covert German resistance against the Nazis): Permanent exhibition shows and explains the resistance to National Socialism with documents and images.
  9. Gedenkstätte Plötzensee (Plötzensee Memorial Centre): commemorates the German and foreign victims of National Socialism (the Nazis). Originally a prison; from 1933 until 1945, more than 3000 people were executed here - either hanged or beheaded.
  10. Luftwaffenmuseum der Bundeswehr: Permanent exhibition about the German airforce since 1884
  11. MACHmit! Museum für Kinder - children's museum, where they can experience and learn with all senses. Changing exhibitions.
  12. Modellpark Berlin-Brandenburg - miniature park that shows more than 50 models of Berlin sights and buildings.
  13. Museum der Unerhörten Dinge (museum of amazing things) - permanent exhibition with a collection of unusual objects.
  14. Puppentheater-Museum Berlin: Permanent exhibition on the history of puppet theatre. Changing exhibitions too.
  15. Sportmuseum Berlin - collections showing sports history in Germany, incl sports in the GDR (former East Germany).
  16. Zweiradmuseum (two-wheel museum, motorbikes): museum with motorcycle exhibits from the 1920s to 1950s

Art & Architecture

  1. Museum für Fotografie (Helmut Newton Stiftung): presents changing exhibitions on the life and work of Helmut Newton, famous fashion and portrait photographer (who spent the early part of his career in Australia).
  2. Neue Nationalgalerie - 20th century art: includes artists Kirchner, Schmidt-Rottluff, Feiniger, Klee, Dix, Grosz, Picasso.
  3. Gemäldegalerie: Major collection of European paintings from the 13th-18th centuries. Masterpieces from all eras, including paintings by Eyck, Bruegel, Dürer, Raffael, Tizian, Caravaggio, Rembrandt, and Rubens.
  4. Bauhaus-Archiv Berlin: Works from all periods of Bauhaus design from the trend-setting Gestaltungsschule (School of Design) from 1919 until 1933.


  1. 1920s Berlin (Wikipedia article)
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  3. Berlin Airlift [Luftbrücke]: The fate of Tempelhof, the airport that saved West Berlin (International Herald Tribune, May 2008)
  4. Berlin blockade (and Airlift) (Wikipedia article)
  5. Berlin blockade and Airlift (Luftbrücke): a contemporary film of the Berlin crisis, July 1948 (YouTube, 1:36 mins)

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Berlin Wall and East Germany

  1. Berlin Wall (Wikipedia article)
  2. Berlin Wall (
  3. Animated LEGO film: Mauerbau / building of the wall

  4. The Berlin Wall, fifty years on (CNN, 2011)
  5. Mauermuseum Haus am Checkpoint Charlie - founded in 1962 beside the famous Checkpoint Charlie border crossing, shows the history of the Berlin Wall, original objects from successful escapes below and above the ground.
  6. Checkpoint Bravo: ehemalige Grenzübergangsstelle Dreilinden/Drewitz (a former border-crossing checkpoint)
  7. Forschungs-und Gedenkstätte Normannenstraße (Stasi): See the exhibition "opposition and resistance" in the notorious former Stasi headquarters (Stasi = State Security of former East Germany). Learn about Stasi surveillance techniques.
  8. How not to be a spy: Stasi training on disguises (CNN World, 2011)
  9. Gedenkstätte Berliner Mauer - the documentary center Berlin Wall, with memorial Berlin Wall, chapel of reconciliation and the documentary center.
  10. Fall of the Berlin Wall (ABC [USA] news report, 1989)

  11. DDR Museum Berlin - everyday life of a vanished nation, multimedia-based and interactive: The German Democratic Republic (East Germany)
  12. Alliiertenmuseum: shows the role of the occupying Western Allies (U.S., France, & Britain) in the years after WWII and the life of allied troops in Berlin.