Erfinder und Erfindungen in den deutschsprachigen Ländern

Foto: Auto, Mercedes-Benz

Mercedes (inventor Karl Benz, first gasoline-powered car in 1885) - here a Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG (C 197)
Photo: Wikimedia Commons - M 93

Foto: Kontakt-Linse

Contact lens, inventor Adolf Gaston Eugen Fick
Photo: Wikimedia Commons - Etan J. Tal

Foto: iPod, mp3 file-format

mp3 music file-format, co-inventor Karlheinz Brandenburg
Photo: / public domain, adapted by D Nutting

Foto: Schweizer Sackmesser

Victorinox Swiss Army knife (Mountaineer model).
Photo: Wikimedia Commons, by Jonas Bergsten, released into public domain

Foto: Zahnpasta

Putting toothpaste on a toothbrush. Ottomar von Mayenburg experimented in 1907 with tooth powder, mouthwash and ethereal oils and developed a toothpaste he named Chlorodont.
Photo: Wikimedia Commons - Thegreenj

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