German Future Tense

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Use: The Future Tense is used to talk about/write about events that will happen in the future. Wow!

Form: The Future has two verb parts: the verb werden (with an ending that matches the subject, i.e. who/what will be doing...), and the infinitive (e.g. sehen) of the verb action that will be done. The infinitive goes at the end of the sentence.

Eg: »Ich werde am Dienstag meinen Freund Peter sehen.« (I will see my friend Peter on Tuesday)

The Present Tense can often be used to indicate a future event.

Eg: »Nächste Woche besuche ich meinen Onkel.« (Next week I am visiting my uncle)

How does the verb werden work? What are its endings?

[a sentence diagramm]

Another example:

»Ich weiß, dass du den Film nächste Woche sehen wirst!« (I know that you'll see the film next week!)

Interactive exercises:

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