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Conjugate a German verb
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Thanks to you'll see a table showing all forms of the verb. Type the infinitive of the verb, e.g. machen, into the yellow box above and click the »Go!« button.
Don't type capital letters! Here's help on how to type Umlauts.

Present Tense (e.g. "Ich spiele heute Volleyball mit Stefan")

haben & sein - the two most important verbs we use!

modal verbs - können (can), müssen (must, to have to) etc.

Separable verbs - intro by CaryAcademy

separable verbs - practise by dragging sentence parts into the correct order

Future Tense - talking about what you will do

Perfect Tense - for talking about past events

The Imperative - used for telling people to do something (<Mach dein Bett!> "Make your bed!")

Imperfect Tense - another past tense (usually in writing)

Mega-table of irregular verbs (e.g. Ich lese ein Buch / Du liest das Buch auch / Mein Freund las das Buch letzte Woche)

The Passive (e.g. "Bikes are repaired here")

zu + infinitive (e.g. "Hast du Zeit, mit mir zu kommen?")

Reflexive verbs: quiz exercise #1 / multiple-choice gap-fill exercise

Compiled by D Nutting