General Resources for students/teachers

Bildschirm behauptet: Deutsch ist cool!
  1. Beginning to learn German? :: here's a quiz - you probably know some German already!
  2. die Flagge von Deutschland / Germany's flag
  3. Umlauts and ß :: one way of typing Umlauts and ß if you don't have a German-language keyboard (Windows & Mac)
  4. Search engines
    • Fireball - "deine anonyme Suchmaschine"
    • MetaGer - German search engine that draws on many other search engines
  5. Robert Shea's index :: large index of German vocabulary exercises and practice resources
  6. Languages Online :: Junior German materials (Department of Education, Victoria, Australia)
  7. Languages Online (UK) :: Languages Online (Andrew Balaam, UK)
  8. Wikipedia :: freie Online-Enzyklopädie auf Deutsch
  9. The German Quiz :: (from the best-selling book, How to be German, by an Englishman living in Germany - he throws a few stereotypes around)
  10. Media gallery of the German National Tourist Board - check out photos and more of great places and scenes all around Germany.
  11. :: practice reading (3 levels of difficulty, current themes/news), vocab, grammar. Free to use, login required.
  12. DaF-Seite :: exercises and tests, reading, culture, games (Ralf Kinas)
  13. BBC Education, German - Bitesize :: organised into activities/materials for Listening, Speaking, Reading, Writing, Grammar
  14. Kaleidoskop :: diese Plattform ist für Jugendliche und Erwachsene in Deutschland und im Ausland. Informationsaustausch. “Alltag in meinem Land” – Berichte von Menschen und Alltagssituationen aus aller Welt.
  15. :: aim is to inform young people across the globe about their opportunities in Germany.
  16. :: in this website you can choose to use the Vocabulary Trainer or the Conjugation Trainer. The vocab trainer has preset exercises in topic areas such as Animals, Sports, and School.
  17. Fonetiks :: getting used to the sounds of German? Visit Fonetiks, scroll down their page to "German", and hear different vowel and consonant sounds in sample words.
  18. :: German Language.
  19. Jugendsprache :: teenager slang! Warmduscher-ABC - slang names for different sorts of wimps and wusses.
    Task: find names in the site to use for certain types of music fans, fitness freaks, workaholics, over-fussy/pedantic people, continual worriers (etc.)
  20. STERN Online :: online version of the news magazine
  21. Sowieso :: magazine for teenagers (look at articles in the "A-Z archive") - this site is no longer updated
  22. The German-speaking countries :: general info about the countries with the largest number of German-speakers
  23. Deutsche Kinderseiten :: Deutsche Kinderseiten (Bayswater Primary School's collection of links to German sites for children)
  24. Prominenten-Raten (Celebrity Heads auf Deutsch!) :: sample questions to help you say questions and guess your identity in this classroom game - if you can, view this screen on a computer device on your lap while playing.
  25. Ab ins Bett! :: ...Don't sit at your computer late at night, or your mummy will come in and say "Ab ins Bett!"