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Genau :: Ganz Genau

Quizzes / Selected Learning Materials

Thema 1

T1: official textbook website

How are you? (L.O.)

Begrüßungen usw. (Greetings etc.) ~ ~ Basic Expressions: General vocabulary for students beginning German; do the Flashcard activity first.

Ländernamen in Deutsch (Names of countries in Germany) - quiz games [look at the Flashcards first]

Abkürzungen für internationale Autokennzeichen (official abbreviations for countries' car licence plates)

Thema 2

T2: official textbook website

Tage der Woche (missing letters - type the word)

Schulfächer (Vokabeln-Spiele)

Die Schule Vokabeln-Spiele

Die Schule (adjectives)

Schulfächer (hangman)

verbs haben and sein- table of examples with practice

Das Schulsystem in Deutschland - Struktur

Zahlen 1-10 (L.O.)

Zahlen 11-20 (L.O.)

Die Zahlen von 0 bis 20: Quiz #1, then Quiz #2, then Quiz #3 (order the numbers)

Thema 3

T3: official textbook website

Musikinstrumente: Hangmanspiel (Namen von Instrumenten)

Freizeit (pick the right word in the sentence)

Names of sports (hangman game)

Sport - was hast du heute? (verbs haben/spielen - multiple choice)

Alex und Sport - Gap-fill reading exercise

Word order - verb as 2nd idea in sentence (sentence unjumbling)

Sport - basic German word-order quiz

Days and months (L.O.)

Thema 4

T4: official textbook website

How old are you? / Family members (L.O.)

Vocab practice games (flashcards, matching & concentration)

Hangman game using vocab for family members

Numbers 20-100 (L.O.)

Die Zahlen von 20 bis 100: mixed-up numbers (three exercises)

Die Zahlen von 20 bis 100: spelling - gap exercise

Where do you live? (L.O.)

Die Familie - Martinas Stammbaum [family tree exercise]

Crossword - who's related to whom?

Über Olaf - seine Familie [multiple-choice reading exercise]

Mathias und seine Familie - interactive reading exercise (more challenge...)

»Meine Familie« (gap-fill and multiple choice sentence exercises)

Gender of German nouns - der/die/das + practice exercise

subject or object?? Gap exercise

"Rags to Riches" quiz competition, Thema 1-4 (Wiederholung-Spiel)


Thema 5

T5: official textbook website

Kleidung - word games (names of clothes)

Kleidung - word games (adjectives to describe clothes)

Clothes (L.O.)

Colours, describing hair/eyes (L.O.)

Direct object (Accusative case) - intro to den/die/das + practice exercise

Kleidung quiz - practising der/die/das (subject) & den/die/das (object) & einen/eine/ein (object)

Farben (colours quiz with flags)

Kleider für eine Party (gap-filling reading text)

Cultural background - Karneval Infos

Trachten-Geschäft  > »German Wear« Trachtenmode

Trachten-Geschäft  > Wirkes Trachten und Dirndl

Trachten-Geschäft  > Pöllinger Leder & Tracht

Karnevalkostüme > Waldi Faschingskostüme

Thema 6

T6: official textbook website

das Frühstück: matching & concentration games with the vocab (D Nutting)

das Frühstück: vocab practice quiz, identify the photos (D Nutting)

trinken/essen - verbs practice, multiple-choice gap-fill (D Nutting)

Verben: essen, trinken, kochen (A C Balaam)

Kreuzworträtsel / Crossword - Das Frühstück und die Konditorei

Essen und Trinken - Mehrfachauswahl-Spiel - more challenge... (Ed Curtis)

Das Frühstücksmenü im Hotel Wettenberg bei Gießen in Hessen (Deutschland) - Fotogalerie

Café Sonne in Fulda (Deutschland) - Frühstücksmenü als Online-Formular

Frühstück-Set - Holzspielzeug für Kinder (Swiss company selling a breakfast set made of wooden toys)


Thema 7

T7: official textbook website

Telling the time (L.O.)

Wie spät ist es? - Telling the time, quiz

German pronouns (Der Strohstern? Ja, ich nehme ihn.) - table of pronouns

Saying “it” and “they” in German (pronouns), quiz

Der Weihnachtsmarkt - unjumbling sentences activity


Thema 8

T8: official textbook website

Wie waren deine Ferien? - talking about your holidays - vocab games

The calendar (note: in Austria they say/write ‘Jänner’ instead of ‘Januar’!)

Days of the Week, Months and Seasons (hangman)

Monate des Jahres (unjumble - type the word)

Monate des Jahres (hangman-style)

Monate des Jahres (name the right month)

die Monate (ordering the months)

die Tage und das Datum (challenge board)

Saying/Writing dates in German - quiz

Quiz: months in order – audio (Die Monate - listen and order)

The months in German

Thema 9

T9: official textbook website

Verben - practising verb meanings

Modal verbs:

incl. können / müssen / dürfen


  1. matching (dürfen, können, müssen) - match up the pronouns (ich, du etc) with the right verb form (darf, darfst etc)! (D Nutting)
  2. multiple-choice text (Austauschschüler – exchange students chat)
  3. matching (dürfen, können, müssen etc) - a quizlet ... click through the flashcards first, then play Scatter, then play Space Race. In Space Race you have to type answers in - be careful with Umlauts!)
  4. dürfen & können - exercise (Mrs Thompson)
  5. können gap-fill exercise (R Shea)
  6. dürfen – fill-in exercise (R Shea)

Thema 10

T10: official textbook website

Haustiere und andere Tiere - matching games - word/picture

Tiere (match word/pic)

Tiere - der, die oder das?

Tiere - der/die/das, den/die/das?

Tiere - crossword puzzle

Tiere [Körper] - zum Beispiel Fell, Krallen, Flossen - vocab games (D Nutting)

Tiere - "sein" [his] & "ihr" [her] - Genau!, Thema 10 (D Nutting)

Animals (L.O.)

Favourite pastimes and pets (L.O.)

Tierhotel Kreuzbruch (for the associated research worksheet)



Thema 11

T10: official textbook website

10 Ways to Express Good Wishes in German (about.com German)

"Zum Geburtstag viel Glück"... (Alpengruß) - cartoon figures sing a German Happy Birthday with an accent typical of the alpine regions

Learning to say Happy Birthday in German (takes you through the phrases)

Kisseo Grußkarten - Geburtstag

Thema 12

T10: official textbook website

modal verbs: revise können / müssen / dürfen / PLUS play with wollen [to want to] / sollen [to be supposed to]

Das Wetter: talking about the weather and what you are going to do because of the weather (examples, tips and practice)

Thema 13

T10: official textbook website

Thema 14

T10: official textbook website

Compiled by D Nutting