How to type German Umlauts

📌 On a Windows PC, hold down the Alt key and type the following numbers from the numerical keypad (right-hand end of keyboard - with Num Lock on).

Keyboard shortcuts for Umlauts on Windows
ä = Alt 132 ö = Alt 148 ü = Alt 129
Ä = Alt 142 Ö = Alt 153 Ü = Alt 154
  ß = Alt 225  

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📌 On a Mac computer, press the Option-key, the letter u and then the vowel you want as an Umlaut.

For example, to get an ä, press Option-u then a. The same goes for ü and ö.

To umlaut a capital letter, follow the same steps and press Shift-letter.

For example, to get an Ö, press Option-u then O.

To get an ß, press option-s.

Alternatively, hold down the "MAC" key while typing these numbers:

Ä = 128 / ä = 138 / Ö = 133 / ö = 154 / Ü = 134 / ü = 159 / ß = 167

📌 Another option is to get your Umlauts from

PopChar[screenshot of PopChar]

PopChar is a small program that will help you type Umlauts and other special characters. Whenever needed, a little table will pop up on screen - you click on the character you want and it goes straight into your document. An educational discount of 30% is given for quantities of 30 copies or more. For Windows & Mac computers.