German Grammar


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  1. Prepositions reading text "Annas Geburtstag", focused on knowing the meanings of prepositions used only with Accusative and of prepositions used only with Dative
  2. Prepositions that trigger Accusative endings/forms: exercise - gap-fill (Ed Curtis)
  3. Prepositions that trigger Dative endings/forms: exercise - gap-fill (Ed Curtis)
  4. Meine Winterferien in Österreich (reading text with Dative prepositions, pick the correct form)
  5. quiz (A) on "two-way" prepositions : they use Accusative/Dative (movement/location...multiple-choice exercise)
  6. quiz (B) on "two-way" prepositions : they use Accusative/Dative (movement/ exercise)
  7. Quizlet card set (two-way prepositions)
  8. two-way prepositions quiz (by Hyde Flippo, at ThoughtCo)
  9. quiz on the prepositions zu & nach
  10. prepositions handout : a list of prepositions with example sentences & practice sentences ([PDF logo] PDF, 90Kb)
  11. »Mein Austauschpartner ist bei uns« - quiz practising verb and preposition combos

Two-way prepositions: demos

Two-way prepositions (Wechselpräpositionen): demo with pics (

vor und hinter und andere Wechselpräpositionen - ein Song/Video von Uwe Kind

Wechselpräpositionen - Goethe Institut Norwegen, mit Beispielen von Akkusativ und von Dativ, in der Stadt Oslo

Wechselpräpositionen - ein Film von Logan Moore und Ty Riley (amerikanische Schüler)

german 2 way prepositions, by Amanda, Kari, Jason, Jake and Erica

Wechselpräpositionen - Wohin? Wo? (Cary Academy - complete with bird noises!)