[Photo © D Nutting] People in Fasnacht costumes

Local people in the south-western German city of Konstanz enjoying the "Schmotzigen Dunschtig" celebrations.
On this cold night in February they are dressed in warm costumes, including kangaroo characters!
"Schmotzigen Dunschtig" (schmutziger Donnerstag) falls on the Thursday before Ash Wednesday and is a highpoint of Fasnacht in Konstanz, a city which is an important centre of Swabian-Alemannic Fasnacht. (see Fasnacht at Wikipedia)




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the »slaying of the Dragon« is an historic annual celebration in Furth im Wald, in eastern Bavaria.

Oberammergau Passion Play

The Play depicts the last five days in the life of Jesus Christ, portraying the scenes from His entry into Jerusalem until the Resurrection. It's been performed by the people of this Bavarian mountain village every ten years for centuries now.


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